3 No Cost Ways to Attract Targeted Leads For Your Home Business

Identifying your audience first is a must if you want to effectively attracted leads online. It becomes far easier if consider what you are targeting and then market to a responsive audience. To do this effectively, take a minute right now to think about what got you attracted. Ask yourself what made you want to take a look at the product or service or business you are promoting?

The key here is attracting people that may actually be interested in what you have to offer. Find out who they are, where they hang out; what they are Interested in. Go to the places that your target market is likely to be.

Once you know that, you can get started with the following 3 ways to attract leads for free.


An amazing micro-blogging platform, where you share snippets of Info. It's an excellent relationship-building tool that is hugely popular and growing at a staggering rate.

Twitter is a place to build contacts, and follow what each other are doing, so whenever you want to share something you can simply "tweet" your short message for your community of followers. Using the search function you can search for people in your target market to follow and build relationships with.

There is a right way and a wrong way to use twitter and using it to simply start blasting your website link or posting "join my biz now" type of messages, will not get you very far. Your aim should be to create a list of followers, making sure you do not have a large amount of people that you are following without an equal amount of people following you in return. Try and keep a happy medium.

You can attract highly targeted leads here but it's wise to remember that it's a place for networking so use this free tool the right way by sharing information, commenting on others tweets and joining in conversations that are taking place (if its appropriate to do so)

Offer value and build relationships and trust. Share any content that you have created such as articles, blog posts, videos, new squidoo lenses hubpages etc. as once you have a loyal list of followers they will come flocking to see what you have to say.

Commenting On Blogs / Other sites

As you already know blogging is an excellent way to spread your name around and attract leads but as well as posting quality content, posting comments on blogs and other sites related to your niche market have proven to be a very effective way to drive traffic , promote yourself and attract highly targeted leads. Again there is a correct way to use this method and It's a simple matter of determining whether it's a good comment or a bad comment. A bad comment could be described as one that simply Contains a promotional link without any text. Or a link with a short amount of text that offers no value Eg. "Click Here" or "Join Now, New Launch!" Most people ignore these, and that's if they get posted. Some bloggers and webmaster consider them as spam and will delete your comment without hesitation. A good comment can be described as a comment that gives value. It's about raising each comment as a piece of content that promotes you. You have to be careful what you write. I'm not saying that that has to be a lengthy comment at all, a paragraph or two will suffice as long as you provide value, if you do readers will want to click your link. And you will easily attract highly targeted leads.


Forums an excellent way to attract people to join your business. By joining a forum where your targeted market hangs out you can get maximum exposure. One important thing to remember is that your main intent should not be only to advertise your offer. You must not Spam. Remember this is about building relationships. Allow people to get to know you. To do this you must offer value, offer help and be of service. Be helpful to the community when posting. Every forum you join, always have a signature file that contains links to your most treasured websites. Be sure to use your preferred keywords within the links or sometimes some benefit Rider titles to attract clicks.

Source by Tahmina Ghani

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