Amortization schedule

Amortization schedule for better financial planning

Financial planning is essential for a comfortable life. Without proper planning, you may end up facing difficult financial situations. It is, therefore, important to have a solid financial planning. Financial planning is not just about investing in various investment plans, mutual bonds or other things. It is also about learning the basics of finance. Often, we find ourselves in a situation where we fail to understand certain financial terms. You may ask why is it important to learn about basic financial terms. Aren’t financial experts available for this? To understand this, let us examine a situation where an English-speaking person is interacting with a Spanish- speaking person. For better communication, the two should be able to follow each other’s conversation.

Amortization schedule

This may be difficult if they have no knowledge of the other person’s language. In the same way, financial language may sound difficult to you if you have not been learning it. When you read financial documentation such as a disclaimer of a loan or mutual fund policies, you may not be able to understand it as the language is purely commercial. Terms such as amortization, amortization schedule or amortization calculator may not sound known to you. It makes sense to familiarize yourself with amortization, amortization schedule or amortization calculator.

What is an amortization schedule


It is a representation of every periodic payment on an amortizing loan such as a mortgage. When you pay off the debt on your car loan or mortgage in multiple installments, it is known as amortization. A section of the payment goes towards the interest, and the remaining contributes to the principal balance. The amortization schedule determines the percentage of interest versus principal in each payment. It is important to know the exact amount that goes towards interest, and the exact amount that goes towards the principal balance. You can know all this using the amortization schedule.
Most websites do not explain terms such as amortization, amortization schedule or amortization calculator in nonprofessional terms. They make these words sound so complicated that the average reader refrains from reading about them. A mortgage or amortization calculator helps you find out the tenure of payment, interest rate or monthly payments. An amortization calculator would have four input fields . Home Price, Interest rate, years, and down payment. When you input these, you can have the calculator return the monthly payment amount in a click.
Amortization schedules are sequential in nature. You don’t pay on the loan until a month after you were approved for the mortgage. You’re done paying the entire balance when you get to the last payment. It is not uncommon for the final payment to be a little different from all of your earlier payments.
It would be great to have a place online where you can learn about amortization, amortization schedule or amortization calculator. Having access to such a place would simplify your route to learning the basics of everyday finance. Learn about depreciation, amortization schedule or amortization calculator, and simplify your lifestyle. With an amortization schedule or amortization calculator, you can plan your finances.

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