Internet Telephony: Improvised Conventional Phone Service

In today’s world, internet is playing a vital role in changing people’s thinking and lifestyle. These changes came into existence with the innovation in technology and advancement. Well, credit for this revolution is given to internet. While talking about technology in communication industry, internet has come up with advanced communication that allows user to handle long distance and international calls at substantial rates. Thus, internet telephony is considered as a popular and widely used for accessing internet applications. The reason for its popularity that has made PSTN user to switch on to advanced VoIP telephony is increase in productivity and cost efficiency.

While calling through IP telephony, user can save his pounds as it is based on packet switching protocol that allows the user to share data, voice, video or images through single line. Thus, through advanced calling, user can communicate with other user irrespective of locality and mobility.

The latest VoIP telephony is a combination of conventional phone services and high speed internet. It allows user to make and receive all calls at cheaper rates without any hurdle in setup of VoIP services. For making calls through voice over ip telephony, user needs ATA (analog voice adaptor), internet connection and telephone for calling his friend or relative. VoIP phone service allows user to use his broadband connection to place telephone calls over the Internet. Though, this technology is rocking the telecom industry to the core.

The major advantage of VoIP telephony includes lower cost, greater flexibility, scalability, functionality, network efficiency and above all security. Apart from this, telephony satisfies the voice quality. On calling through VoIP, user enjoys unlimited incoming and long distance calls to anyone across the global village. User must opt for those VoIP providers who offers free voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call waiting ID, 3 way calling and speed dialling. Considering these points, with the time, internet telephony is getting popular among varied groups like corporate and business houses and now even among residential users.

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