The Differences With Cost Segregation

Understand Our engineered based Cost Segregation is better than CPA Cost Segregation

Your business might have suffered unbearable losses during the current recession and this would have forced you to explore several options to keep your business afloat, albeit at a very high price. What you need is relief provided to you in a professional manner and backed by solid facts that can help in savings taxes as well as improving your business bottom line at the same time.

The recession has not only affected the housing market but has also dealt a severe blow to the tourism industry. If you are in the hotels or motels industry then you would have realized by now that the falling rate of tourists and room rates coupled with high taxes would have severely affected your profit margins. However, since you might not be in a position to raise your profit margins overnight, the next best step that you can take is to lower your costs by saving on taxes in a legal and well-engineered manner.

You can go in for engineered based cost segregation conducted by a reputed company such as Commercial Relief, a real estate service company that offers professional services such as loan modification, contract re-negotiation, short sale negotiation and cost segregation. The company can represent your interests when you want to deal with your lender so that you can extract the best possible deal in these tough times while also helping you to save taxes at the same time. In the case of cost segregation you might have already lost a lot in the form of taxes if you have allowed your assets in your hotel or motel business, among other businesses to be depreciated at the traditional 27.5 or 39 year period.

A well-engineered cost segregation strategy will result in savings taxes as it will allow you legally to depreciate your assets on a 5,7 or 15 year period instead of the traditional depreciation method. Your taxable income will thus reduce, which in turn will result in improving your current cash flow. This strategy needs to be executed perfectly if you do not want to end up on the wrong side of the IRS that will certainly initiate a scrutiny if your claims are not supported by relevant documents. This is the main reason as to why a CPA cost segregation strategy might not work simply because your licensed CPA might not want to ruffle the feathers of the IRS.

On the other hand, if you do have all supporting records that might be required by the IRS then you can easily save thousands of dollars every year by applying a well engineered cost segregation strategy initiated by Commercial Relief. Get details on all services offered our enterprising company. Commercial Relief will provide you and your business with a comprehensive and engineer performed cost segregation study that is not only 100% IRS compliant but also ensures that maximum tax benefit is achieved by this strategy.

If you can legally save on taxes for your business, then these financially trying times demand that you try out any strategy that works and provides you with the desired results. With the help from professionals like Professional Relief you can surely save thousands of dollars legally each year thanks to their engineered based cost segregation plan that can result in savings taxes, which in turn will lower your business bottom line and improve your cash flow at the same time.

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